Co-Curricular Activities

Our extensive Co-Curricular Activities Programmes are not ‘extra’ as they are an expectation as we believe vital learning takes place outside of the classroom. These programmes broaden horizons, instil a sense of adventure, and foster leadership attributes. Academic learning is therefore supported by an extensive range of activities, societies, and events.

Sport has always been important for Harrow. Our sports programme ensures all students participate in sport in clubs, House events and academies. Many students will specialise in one or more sports and this is encouraged and supported by specialist coaching in our clubs and academies. By playing competitively, and representing the house or school across a range of sports, students learn high level skills and experience lessons for life.

Challenging students to step outside their comfort zones, perhaps performing in front of an audience or taking part in a debate, our AISL Talents Programme is vital to the development of the Harrow School’s Values of honour, fellowship, courage and humility. Through the creative arts (music, drama and visual art), students build self-confidence and grow as individuals. AISL Music Festival, a signature event of AISL Talents programme, will foster young people through engagement with high-quality music and give learning opportunities to young musicians.

Our Expeditions Programme provides students with a wide range of diverse outdoor education challenges. From the first night away from home in Grade 1, to life-changing experiences up a mountain or building and camping on a raft, expeditions expand the students’ view of themselves and their world.

Tina Quan

Teaching Assistant

Tina graduated from Worcester University. She has over 5 years teaching experience. In Tina’s opinion, teachers should be students’ friends as well as their masters. A teacher is a person knowledgeable also a good sample for students.​