Admissions Process​

Thank you for your interest in Harrow LiDe School Nanning.
Applying to any new school is a lengthy process. To assist you, our admissions team has prepared the following application steps for you to better understand the entire application process. 

Talk to one of our Admission Officers

To learn more about Harrow LiDe School Nanning and to obtain more detailed admissions information, chat with our admissions officers!

You can click the link below to schedule a campus visit and parent information session:

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Phone: +86-15077101088/0771-5778866

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1. The School strictly abides by all applicable national laws and regulations, and/or the relevant Education Bureau policies, when handling admissions and enrolment matters.
2. Our enrolment and admissions processes are open and transparent. All admissions decisions are firmly underpinned by these principles.
3. Under no circumstances will the School authorise any third party agency or individual to commit or provide any form of guarantee of the successful enrolment of a student.
4. All fees must be paid through bank remittance. No other methods of payment are accepted. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept payment by cash.

Tina Quan

Teaching Assistant

Tina graduated from Worcester University. She has over 5 years teaching experience. In Tina’s opinion, teachers should be students’ friends as well as their masters. A teacher is a person knowledgeable also a good sample for students.​