Forbes China

In May 2022, Forbes China conducted its second international school awards in China. By studying and analyzing the four core dimensions of the participating schools: financial strength, school achievements, faculty strength and school characteristics, as well as combining questionnaires from two groups of teachers and students, Harrow Nanning was ranked 29th out of 100 international schools with the best overall strength in China, advancing to the Top 30 in the country!

It is the first and only school on "FORBES CHINA" in Guangxi!

In October,2020, Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Nanning has been shortlisted as a finalist for the British Schools Awards(BSA) 2021 in the Diversity and Inclusion Award .We were selected from over 70 high-quality applications for the BSA 2021, from schools all over China. The judges have shortlisted our school as one of the final 3 and they were extremely impressed with our submission 

In January 2022, KingLead released the list of China International Schools for the fourth consecutive year. AISL Harrow Nanning ranked 74th.In February,AISL Harrow Nanning ranked TOP 10 on KingLead China International School Artisitic Characteristic Ranking. 

Harrow Nanning is the first school in Guangxi with a global education level and a truly international bilingual school. Harrow Nanning would like to thank the Forbes list for Harrow Nanning is the first school in Guangxi with global education standards and is truly an international bilingual school. Harrow Nanning would like to thank the Forbes CHINA for affirming Harrow Nanning’s characteristic school-running system and holistic education Such achievements also belong to our excellent teaching team, outstanding students and parents who fully support the school’s work!

We will continue to embrace Harrow’s educational purpose, rooting the core values of “courage””honor” “humility” and “fellowship” in the hearts of Harrovians, and strive to cultivate students with diverse backgrounds and abilities for a life of learning, leadership, and personal fulfilment.

This is the second year that Forbes China has conducted the selection of international schools in China. While forming a professional and systematic school evaluation system, Forbes China hopes to provide parents and students with more valuable suggestions when choosing schools. It can also help schools to enhance their brand building and development, thereby promoting the healthy development of China’s international education industry.

Research Objects

Schools for children of foreigners and private bilingual schools in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) that apply international junior high school and senior high school courses and whose students are studying in overseas institutions of higher learning; not including tutoring centres, kindergartens for children of foreigners, and international departments of public schools. 

Data Resource

Exclusive research on participating schools, questionnaires from teachers and students, and compilation of public information. A total of nearly 1,000 international schools’ official websites, official WeChat websites and the official websites of a number of mainstream examination boards were consulted.

Evaluation Indicators

The four core dimensions of the participating schools – financial strength, academic achievement, faculty strength and academic characteristics – were studied and analyzed. On the basis of the first year’s selection implementation method, the credibility as well as the authority of the selection process was strengthened in various ways, including optimizing the selection design, introducing professional assessment methods, retaining the only means of participation and maintaining information transparency.

Tina Quan

Teaching Assistant

Tina graduated from Worcester University. She has over 5 years teaching experience. In Tina’s opinion, teachers should be students’ friends as well as their masters. A teacher is a person knowledgeable also a good sample for students.​