From today on, we will lift off to a higher level! Welcome back to school.

The last day of August is also the registration day of AISL Harrow Nanning Autumn New Semester. 

Before the summer heat subsided, the smiling faces, familiar or unfamiliar, returned to the school, and the lively atmosphere was steaming in the campus. It seems that everything is as usual. The children, as before, wore the honorable Harrow Bluer and straw hats. They greeted the principal and teachers in a cheerful tone and chatted with their friends. Everything was not as usual. On this day, some new faces met as promised, breaking the shyness of first acquaintance. Close friendship began to be established between students and teachers. 

In this semester, Harrow Nanning will grow into an educational community with more than 1,000 students, parents, faculty and staff from 17 different countries and regions. From scratch, we continue to grow and develop, and our new journey starts again from this moment. 

In the new semester, many excellent students and teachers also joined us. The school was fully opened in September 2021, and which has achieved remarkable results in the first year of its founding. In July this year, Harrow Nanning was shortlisted for the 29th place in Forbes China International Schools, and HILA Chinese Principal Luna Cao was named “2022 Forbes Top Ten International Schools Emerging Principals”. With the continuous highlight of school running achievements and the increasingly strong international atmosphere, more and more high-quality families choose the schools. In this year’s student composition, the children of diplomats, children of large foreign companies stationed in Guangxi, children of middle and senior managers of state-owned enterprises, children of international experts stationed in Nanning and children of returned talents account for the vast majority. With the beginning of the new school year, the school has received many parents’ inquiries on the enrollment information and requirements in 2023.

The team of Chinese and foreign teachers and staff in the school is also growing, and the number of all employees has approached 110. Harrow Nanning always adheres to the small class system, individualization, and high-quality teaching, 64% of teachers are from overseas, and Chinese teachers graduated from domestic 985 and 211 double first-class colleges and universities, and they all have rich educational experience and outstanding educational achievements.

“Working hand in hand for the second year, I believe we will get better and better”

The registration day ceremony is short but solemn. With concerted efforts, from a piece of white paper to a brilliant chapter, Mr. Neil Clayton, the Head of AISL Harrow Nanning, is proud of the achievements made by the school in the past year and expresses his growing confidence in harrow Nanning on the road to becoming an education model. The future is full of infinite possibilities. We will work together for the second year. I believe we will get better and better! 

Message from Principal Luna Cao

Dear students:
The 2022-2023 school year is about to begin. At the beginning of the new school year, I hope that you will be able to practice Harrow’s four core values:

Courage is the light in adversity, which can illuminate the road ahead in the dark. I hope you can challenge something you have never done before in the new school year, whether it is speaking on the stage or participating in a new sports activity and dare to challenge your comfort zone. Finally, you will find that those things that are said to be very difficult in the legend are just like this.

A modest gentleman’s virtue is as beautiful and numerous as a blooming flower. The meaning of humility is to always have an empty cup mentality to learn from others. A person is highly self-disciplined because of humility and behaves naturally because of humility. The value of life lies in “humility”, a “humility” character can be said to be the great wisdom, great self-cultivation and great realm of life. Students, try to be a friendly person!

In the past year, harrow students have been trying hard to prove themselves, whether it is through our elite sports school team project or various kinds of school competitions. In the new school year, please guard this glory, and be prudent and diligent to pass on that glory.

In the new school year, Harrow Nanning will continue to develop leadership community service projects, help children in the six schools we support, and raise funds through Harrow’s traditional charity long-distance running. Only when we truly give to others can we experience happiness. I see more students joining us.

I sincerely hope that you have found your goals for the new school year and are working hard for them! Go beyond the past and look to the future!

The Harrow tradition is also displayed and conveyed to the students again on this day. The Capping has been passed down from generation to generation by Harrovian and has become one of the important traditional etiquettes of Harrow. When meeting the teachers and principals, the students will slightly bow their heads and raise their forefingers to the brim of their hats to complete this traditional etiquette to show their respect. Principal Luna Cao once again introduced this century-old Harrow traditional etiquette to the new teachers and students. At the subsequent Billing ceremony, each student took the stage to give a “Capping” to the principal and the teacher in turn and receive their admission certificate.

It is the end of the registration day and the beginning of the new school year, and the sequel to the Harrow Nanning Honors is continued to be written by everyone. As the Head of AISL Harrow Nanning Mr. Neil Clayton said in the welcome video: “this year, everything we have is bigger, better, and more successful than our founding year.”

Then we will lift off to a higher level. Harrow Nanning’s story for the next year is to be continued…

△ Ronnie Do from Vietnam, the winner of G8 Nina and Harrow Nanning ASEAN Scholarship, served as the host of the Registration Day Ceremony
△ G6 Vega, winner of the Harrow Nanning Half Scholarship, played the guzheng at the ceremony
△ The music teacher Ms. Liya and English teacher Mr. Cook performed the cello and piano ensemble on behalf of the new teachers.

Tina Quan

Teaching Assistant

Tina graduated from Worcester University. She has over 5 years teaching experience. In Tina’s opinion, teachers should be students’ friends as well as their masters. A teacher is a person knowledgeable also a good sample for students.​