Goodbye Winter,Hello Spring Concert:Music is power

The winter is over and spring flowers are blossoming.

Everything comes to life with the coming of spring.

And good things come one after another.

On February 24,

the long-anticipated 2023 Harrow Nanning Concert was successfully held.

“Goodbye winter, hello spring.”

We are looking forward to the new beginning

We can’t wait to shout, and to explore the hope of spring in the notes

Let’s take a look back at the highlights of the concert! 

The marimba ensemble played by the third grade students played Silent Night in winter, and the chorus of 12 Days of Winter and Spring on My Toes broke the peace of winter and called for spring, leading the audience to the spring day when flowers were in full bloom. CCA teachers and students also gave wonderful performances for the stage and waved goodbye to the winter together. 

A Chinese Poet said “Spring has no nationality, and white clouds are citizens of the world.” All the members of the Harrow Nanning Education community joined the concert. Parents performed a Chinese dance called Nishang Yuyi and a song called God, Please Give Me Rain! The Teachers Choir’s Circle of Life aroused the audience’s awe and love for life. The school’s Junior Strings made its debut and appeared confidently on stage. The “Four Seasons Violin Concerto” played by the Upper School String Ensemble, which had been rehearsing for a long time, led the audience through the year in the melody… Every melody, every dance, every laughter interweave into the spring movement of AISL Harrow Nanning. 

Music gives profound meaning to all ordinary pictures.

The music is connected. It knows no borders and can heal everything.

“Courage, honour, humility, fellowship”

We through the winter hand in hand, in the pieces of spring green leaves to reveal our hearts.

“Goodbye winter, hello spring.”

Let’s look forward to more wonderful in this semester!

Tina Quan

Teaching Assistant

Tina graduated from Worcester University. She has over 5 years teaching experience. In Tina’s opinion, teachers should be students’ friends as well as their masters. A teacher is a person knowledgeable also a good sample for students.​