Drawing on our expertise in Chinese and English language teaching, Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres are designed to be fully bilingual environments, enabling children to understand, communicate and converse in both languages equally. A research driven approach that uses the most up to date evidence of how to support bilingual learners ensures that children have the best opportunity to achieve this at an early age.

An important element of this is ensuring that children are confident and secure in their home language. So in the earliest years of Kindergarten, the emphasis will be on supporting and developing their knowledge and use of their home language, while being exposed to hearing English is an appropriate way through stories, rhymes and simple phrases. As children progress, their experience will be deliberately dual language so that their knowledge and skills in all aspects of the curriculum will be demonstrated equally in both languages.

There is equally strong emphasis on cultural heritage and identity, celebrating locals and national festival and understanding the customs, traditions and history of their culture and heritage.

In addition to this, we promote the principle of ‘International Mindedness’ which prepares children for the demands of the globalised world in which they will live and work. Through this they will understand the diversity of the world and understand how different traditions and heritages exisit in the world.