“AISL Harrow Schools” Cup Youth Golf League 2023

Harrow School attaches great importance to the development of students’ golf program.In 1978, Donald Steel founded Harrow School in the UK Golf Club.Now, every AISL Harrow school in the world has many excellent junior golfers.The first Chinese captain of Cambridge University’s Stymies golf team is from AISL Harrow Beijing.

“AISL Harrow Schools” Cup Youth Golf League 2023
Sports are the bond among members of Harrow School, and a little golf brings everyone together.

The first “AISL Harrow Schools Cup” Golf Youth League, hosted by AISL Harrow Schools and undertook by AISL Harrow Nanning, ended successfully during the “May Day”holiday.Principals,student representatives as well as dozens of junior golfers from AISL Harrow Beijing, AISL Harrow Shanghai, AISL Harrow Shenzhen, AISL Harrow Haikou, AISL Harrow Chongqing and AISL Harrow Nanning, finally bid farewell to the “cloud meeting”. They swung confidently in the beautiful Jiahecheng Golf Course and enjoyed the fun of competition.

This is the first time since 2020 that AISL Harrow sister schools have come together.

In this competition, the young players gained not only the competition experience, but also the friendship born in the exchange of golf-playing skills with their peers, and the growth in the colorful exchange activities, creating a unique “learning circle of friends” for Harrovian, which fully reflects the values of “honour”, “courage”, “humility” and “fellowship” inherited by Harrow School for 450 years.

Welcome Dinner

First stop, welcome dinner!After the young golfers arrived in Nanning, Harrow Nanning held a grand welcome ceremony for the players and parents.Lander Lee, originally from AISL Harrow Shenzhen, has won various awards in several international youth golf tournaments. He shared his love of golf on stage with all the Harrow alumni present, and the help his teachers had given him.

Queenie Peng and Vivi Lin from AISL Harrow Nanning, Leah Wang from AISL Harrow Haikou and Bunny Cao from AISL Harrow Chongqing presented their beautiful singing voices to the Harrow alumni and parents at the scene.

Although they come from different AISL Harrow schools, all Harrovian demonstrate the core values of “courage, humility, honour and fellowship”.From “netizens” to “friends”, this is a rare opportunity to meet offline, and everyone laughs enough!

Sports Carnival

Second stop, AISL Harrow Sisters School Sports Carnival! Unburdened by the long journey, the next day, the young contestants arrived at the campus in Harrow Nanning.They played basketball, skated paddleboards, experienced rugby…Professionally guided by AISL outdoor Camp’s world-class coaches, they experienced the allure of sports on our campus in Harrow Nanning.

These sports are interesting, fun, and novel!In the process of enjoying sports, they even made good friends from different schools and gained a lot of friendship.

Youth Golf  League

The third stop, the golf league officially started!At 8 o’clock in the morning, all the elite players gathered at the golf course located among the green mountains and rivers to compete intensely!They adjusted their grip, focused on the target!On the field, every young player was like a small professional athlete. They were not afraid of failure, full of confidence and freedom.

Players  from AISL  Harrow School’s 6 campuses showcased their exciting performance

On the court, everyone worked hard for the championship. In addition to the competition among IOH, the dearest “FOH” – the parents who accompanied their children to Nanning, were also eager to try and compete with each other.They competed together. Off the pitch, whether it is IOH or FOH, “competitors” have long become “good partners”. Through the 3-day programme, the young players and parents have become good friends, and they have agreed to participate in the golf tournament together next time!

“Friends of Harrow” showed their skills and competed together

In the end, Harrow Nanning won the overall team championship and won several individual awards. 

Congratulations to ALL Harrovians