Harrow Seal Conferment Ceremony

AISL Harrow Schools have spread the wings across various Asian cities over the past 25 years, and this October, eight AISL Harrow Schools (Beijing, Chongqing, Haikou, Hengqin Zhuhai, Nanning, Shenzhen Qianhai, and Appi) will receive the prestigious Harrow seal at conferment ceremonies, in celebration of their achievements in holistic education.

On 12th October, the Upper School String performed classical music chapters for the guests, all the guests saw their confidence from their performances. The G4 and G5 students sang the new school song Values of Life and gave a deep impression on the audience.

At the Harrow Seal Conferment Ceremony for AISL Harrow Nanning, graced by the presence of teachers, students, and parents, all guests witnessed the presentation of a commemorative plaque and a Harrow Seal to the School Head Mr. Neil Clayton by AISL’s Founder Mr. Daniel Chiu, Chairman Dr Rosanna Wong and governors of Harrow School in the UK.

Mr Do Nam Trung, Consul-General of Vietnam in Nanning, and Mr Ahmad Phadil Ismail, Consul-General of Malaysia in Nanning, as diplomats in Nanning and the school’s parents delivered speeches at the ceremony, fully affirming the role of Harrow Nanning in attracting international people to Guangxi for development and international education support services for children of Chinese immigrants from countries and regions along the Belt and Road and ASEAN and looking forward to the future of Harrow Nanning together.

Mr Neil Clayton and Ms Luna Cao mentioned in their speech: “The children seem to sense that you enter the world ill-armed if all you have done is to submit, to a pre-determined course of instruction from which most of the excitement and surprise of learning are excluded. They want to take risks, intellectually and emotionally. That is indeed a school that I’m sure we’d all like.  An AISL Harrow school is not just a place to send children to learn facts; it is a vibrant, exciting, and challenging place that helps children explore new ways of thinking, new ways of communicating and new ways of leading and serving that will help all members of our community and society at large.”

Dr. Rosanna Wong, Chairman of AISL, commented, “The Seal Conferment Ceremony is a celebration for ‘adapting’ and ‘retaining’. We brought Harrow education to Nanning today and we retain all the values implanted in Harrow education. Every AISL school provides high-quality education with relevant context and content to hold on to traditions and help children move forward. Nanning is a beautiful city and it is a window facing ASEAN countries. I hope AISL Harrow Nanning can be a school providing bilingual education with local and international tastes and prepare children for their future.”

Since the establishment of the school, Harrow Nanning has gained social recognition. In 2023, the school ranked 26th on the “Forbes Top 100 International Schools in China” list. Under the concept of holistic education, students have won awards in major international and domestic competitions in various fields such as sports, academics, and art. In the “2023 Forbes China Youth Artist 100 Competition “, two students were shortlisted for the Forbes Top 100 Young Artists. The school participated in the China International Fair for Trade in Services, and the ” Harrow Nanning’s Education Community with 6 Local Schools ” project won the ” Best Innovation Case for Global Youth Sustainable Development Goals “.

Schools that were conferred the honorary Harrow Seals include Harrow International Schools (offering the English National Curriculum, IGCSE and A Level), Harrow LiDe Schools (offering Grades 1 to 9, IGCSE and A-Levels), and Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai (offering the China Hong Kong curriculum and DSE/IB), which excitingly opened its doors in September of this year. These educational offerings are proof of AISL’s unwavering commitment to leading K-12 international education in Asia through the provision of diverse educational pathways and world-class teaching qualities.

AISL Harrow Schools are supported by rigorous educational quality assurance from Harrow School in the UK, encompassing various aspects from school management and teacher recruitment to monitoring of teaching qualities and regular visits by governors to ensure performance meets the ‘Harrow Standards’.

In the future, AISL Group will continue to provide first-class and excellent education to all AISL Harrow students, and ensure that the 450-year heritage and experience of Harrow Public School in the UK are fully implanted in all campuses. With the continuous expansion of Harrow’s global family, AISL has always adhered to the aspiration and commitment of “cultivating the best and leading with excellence”, committed to shaping a better future for the next generation, helping every student continuously break through and improve, create good results, and gain enthusiasm for learning, social service spirit, and outstanding leadership.