A day at HLL NN

“I want to be in kindergarten as soon as I open my eyes!” What makes Nanning Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten possess such magic power, so that children don’t want to leave when they come here? Let’s follow the lens today and experience one day at Harrow Little Lion!

Students enter the kindergarten

Farewell and separation also mean growth. “Goodbye Mom and Dad”, I’m going to kindergarten! The independent “little lions” can’t wait to get on the school bus to say goodbye to their parents and start a new day. “Di, got on the bus!” The parents immediately receive the boarding information on their mobile phones, and the intelligent system equipped with the car begins to record the children’s driving tracks, so that the parents can know the children’s driving positions in time. Each school bus is equipped with an auntie administrator, who is responsible for roll call, signing in, ensuring the safety of students on the way, and providing support to children when needed.

Health Checks

“Good morning!” “Morning, teachers!” The “little lions” can’t wait to run to the principal and teachers who greet them. For the health of children, daily morning check-ups are essential before entering kindergarten. The “little lions” voluntarily line up and wait for the check-ups by the doctor. If the child is not feeling well or needs special care that day, parents can inform the doctor in advance, and the doctor will record and summarize the child’s health information on the day, remind each department to pay attention, and the whole kindergarten will jointly protect the child’s health.


A good day starts in the morning, and of course a healthy day starts with breakfast. The school provides students with breakfast, and students can have meals at the school according to their own needs. The school prepares two types of breakfast daily, Western and Chinese, to meet the dietary habits of children from different cultures and backgrounds.

Active Learning Block

After entering the classroom, read our favorite book, play with our favorite toys with the teacher and classmates for a while, and the day’s learning officially begins! Many new stories are waiting for the “little lions” every day.

In the active learning module in the morning, the teachers prepared interesting stories and activities for the children to explore together. The “little lions” sometimes read stories with the teachers, sometimes learn to recognize and read Chinese and English, sometimes explore the joy of abstract thinking in the ocean of numbers, sometimes sing and dance with the teachers, learn new expressions, and sometimes take the “time machine” to ancient China, learn Chinese traditional culture, and recite Tang poetry.

In Harrow Little Lions kindergarten, bilingual learning is never a simple English class and a Chinese class, but to develop their bilingual expression ability and their cognition of the world according to the psychological and physical characteristics of children’s age. The classroom of each class is a cultural “museum”. The teachers divide the class into different corners and regularly “update” the classroom layout according to the theme of the children’s study. For example, when the children learn about dinosaur-related topics, the teacher will decorate the classroom into a dinosaur museum with the children. When learning about farm-related topics, the classroom will turn into a small farm with wheat and a small mill… The layout of each classroom is a unique “limited edition” . Children start their cultural journey in the classroom.

In the classroom, teachers usually use both Chinese and English to help children understand the content and plot of the story, help students form concepts, and then help them express them in Chinese and English. The bilingual learning of the “little lions” crosses two cultures. They can freely switch between two ways of thinking and two ways of expression. Gradually, they can understand multiple cultures at the same time, and they are more tolerant of different cultures.


10:00-10:20 /14:45-15:00

Harrow Little Lion’s snack time is an opportunity for children to develop their self-care abilities. While enjoying delicious food, each child is also developing a good habit of eating independently. I can do it!

Outside Play

EYFS, the British Early Years Foundation Stage education system, shows that the three core development directions of children include Personal social and emotional development, physical development,communication and language. Therefore, Harrow Little Lions kindergarten arranges routine outdoor and indoor exploration time every day, to help children explore their world. Children can freely explore the activities they are interested in during outdoor activities, such as swings, sand pools, tricycles, climbing frames… Little “adventurers” challenge the world again and again, by drilling, climbing, running, jumping, their gross muscles and motor skills are also exercised and stretched.

Lunch and Brushing Teeth

Children’s meals in kindergarten are what parents value. In Harrow Little Lions Nanning, every lunch is analyzed according to quantity, and it is scientifically matched, healthy and delicious.Children’s meals in kindergarten are what parents value. In Harrow Little Lions Nanning, every lunch is analyzed according to quantity, and it is scientifically matched, healthy and delicious.

Like Harrow Reed School, Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten adopts the same Harrow standards and is managed uniformly. The “bright kitchen and stove” in the kitchen is connected to the camera outside the canteen, so teachers and parents can clearly see the preparation of meals in the kitchen. After the meal is served, according to relevant regulations, the dishes on the day need to be kept for 48 hours. In order to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the food samples, the daily samples are kept and managed by a specialist.

In Harrow Little Lions Nanning, we always advocate the concept of “I can do it”. From putting on their own shoes to eating their own meals to clearing their own dishes, schools always encourage children to try new things and do what they can. Therefore, during lunch time, the children will eat by themselves, clean up the tableware by themselves, and learn to cherish the grain and not be picky eaters. Teachers rarely chase after children to feed, but give a set time for children to finish their meals by themselves. If the child eats slowly, the teacher will accompany him/her to finish the meal. Teachers will support children when they really need help and help them become more independent “little lions”.

Naptime/Quiet Time/

Activie Learning Block

After finishing the morning study and having lunch, the children of the small class and the mini-small class went back to the bedroom and had a good sleep. The children of the K2 middle class and K3 senior class started independent exploration and active learning in the third section. Harrow Little Lions Nanning believes that every child is unique. Schools build a positive learning environment for children, helping children form positive relationships with peers and adults, and learning guides are the keys to promoting their development. Taking advantage of this time, the children in the middle and senior classes can read their favorite books with the teachers according to their own interests, or play with their favorite toys alone, or play with other children to learn how to interact and get along with each other. This is the favorite time of the day for children, where they can freely explore their interests in their own little world, develop their language expression, and learn to get along with others.

In Harrow Little Lions Nanning, games always accompany the whole teaching process of kindergarten. But the game is not aimless “play”, but is under the deliberate guidance of the teacher. By integrating games into daily learning, children can unconsciously learn the necessary skills and knowledge in life, build their cognition of the world, and promote their physical development through games.

“A Play -based Learning


To cultivate well-rounded “little lions”, music, sports, and art are indispensable, in addition to active learning modules! Every afternoon is a special class time, and the teachers of the special class share with Harrow Reed School. Full-time physical education teachers, music teachers and art teachers understand the characteristics of physical and mental development in kindergarten. They design interesting courses for children, and cultivate “little lions” who love sports, music and beauty from an early age.






Like Harrow ILA Nanning, the kindergarten also offers CCA co-curricular activities. CCA courses in kindergarten focus on cultivating students’ self-confidence and leadership, while motivating their potential. Nanning Harrow Little Lions Kindergarten is consistent with Harrow ILA Nanning, offering about 15 CCA courses in four categories, including Chinese culture, sports, technological innovation, artistic creativity, and language, for example, rugby, football, dance, physical fitness, illustration… We offer different classes every day for five days per week, enriching children’s after-school time.



At the end of a fulfilling and interesting day, the children pack up their school bags, say goodbye to their friends and teachers, and left the campus.

Through the scenes, 

we saw the sincere smiles of the “little lions”.

They learn and grow in the game, 

and they gain happiness and satisfaction in kindergarten.

The campus life of the little lions continues, 

and we will continue to present more exciting clips.