The AISL HO bilingual education director Isabel Xu visited Nanning to guide bilingual education

Harrow is known for its outstanding academic achievements, which keep the teaching standards of each campus consistent. The educational supervision and teaching support provided by the headquarter is a solid backing for maintaining a unified standard. The accumulation of teachers’ teaching experience is not only through continuous exploration and experimentation in the workplace, but also from the interaction, training and practical guidance with education experts in the headquarter and teachers on various campuses.

Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy is as an innovative school that integrates the essence of Chinese and foreign education. The exploration of bilingual learning and educational integration is particularly important at HILA Nanning. In the golden autumn of September, Ms. Isabel Xu, the bilingual education director of AISL Harrow School Headquarters, came to Nanning to guide the teaching of Chinese. She participated in the bilingual classroom, observed teachers’ teaching methods and students’ learning conditions, and exchanged opinions and feedback on bilingual education with the Chinese education group, as well as lower and upper divisions.

In addition, she shared with parents the educational trends of the “New Curriculum Standard for Compulsory Education in China”, the focus of bilingual learning for students at different stages, and Harrow Nanning’s teaching experience under the title of “Creating a High-Quality Learning Experience Suitable for Chinese Students”. How the Chinese education system helps students build and develop intercultural communication and interdisciplinary learning skills.

“Through HILA’s education, students can use both Chinese and English proficiently at different levels such as daily social interaction, cross-cultural context and academic research, and can effectively switch between the two languages, namely, balanced bilingual thinking can be cultivated… Chinese course is an important part of Harrow ILA’s innovative bilingual curriculum system. Harrow ILA’s Chinese course aims to help students master Chinese, guide students to understand and appreciate the essence of Chinese historical tradition and Chinese culture, and provide students with rich learning opportunities and resources, and cultivate them to become future leaders with ‘a combination of ethics and morality, both Chinese and Western’ and an international perspective through the practice of the holistic education concept with the characteristics of Reed.” In the sharing, Isabel explained to parents about Harrow ILA’s bilingualism, learning objectives and the relationship between Chinese language learning and the bilingual curriculum system. Harrow ILA’s bilingual learning is not a combination of a single Chinese curriculum and English learning, but an innovative education model that integrates Harrow teaching methods and Harrow values through a cooperative exploration of Chinese and foreign teachers, differentiated teaching based on learning data, and Harrow teaching methods and Harrow values. At present, AISL Harrow School Education Team cooperates with the Children’s Bilingual Research Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to jointly explore the bilingual learning model. The group further leads the bilingual education practice in China through the combination of educational research and practice.

With the perfect curriculum system and education mode and the dedication of the world’s top education experts, the school leadership will lead the academic team to continuously innovate according to the actual learning situation of students, apply cutting-edge international education methods and educational concepts to teaching, and maintain a leading Harrow level. Harrow Nanning adheres to the educational vision of “Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership” and has the confidence to keep pace with the times and cultivate more outstanding talents of the new generation who lead innovation. 

Tina Quan

Teaching Assistant

Tina graduated from Worcester University. She has over 5 years teaching experience. In Tina’s opinion, teachers should be students’ friends as well as their masters. A teacher is a person knowledgeable also a good sample for students.​